MPP Group is a synergy of four packaging experts: Madaf Plazit Packaging (MPP), MCP, Polyraz, and Benda


Introducing the quartet of packaging expertise – Madaf Plazit Packaging (MPP), MCP, Polyraz, and Benda. With a legacy of experience and individual reputations, these companies have come together under the umbrella of the MPP Group, poised to revolutionize the packaging industry.

MPP Group is continuously developing new products and is adapting to global regulations to ensure compliance and deliver packaging solutions of the highest quality, efficiency, and competitive pricing. The group is well-positioned to provide holistic and comprehensive packaging solutions to meet the evolving customers’ needs.


Embracing Unity and Uniqueness

In an industry where unity and individuality are equally vital, the MPP Group embarked on a transformative journey of rebranding. Recognizing the need to preserve the unique identity of each member while creating a unified entity, The new management of the group created a rebranding process. This process aimed to harmonize the color schemes, fonts, and overall design language, symbolizing the collective strength of the group while honoring the distinct qualities of each member.


A World of Rigid Packaging Solutions

As the rebranding process nears its final stages, the MPP Group proudly presents a comprehensive portfolio of rigid packaging solutions. With a focus on quality and innovation, the group offers a diverse range of packaging options to meet the needs of various industries.

The group’s portfolio includes trays made from recycled CPET (rCPET), RePET, PP, and APET materials, ensuring exceptional heat resistance and sustainability. These trays are suitable for oven heating, providing reliability and convenience for food packaging applications.

For flexible and versatile packaging needs, the group offers sheet rolls in materials such as HIPS, PP, and MLPP (Multi-Layer PP). These sheet rolls cater to various packaging requirements, including freezing, fresh, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), and more.

When it comes to cups and containers, the group provides a wide selection made from materials like PP and PS. These options offer durability and versatility for packaging a range of products.

In addition to their packaging solutions, the group offers advanced decorating capabilities, including an 8-color printer, shrink sleeves, and labels. This enables enhanced branding and product visibility, further elevating the packaging experience.

With a unified focus on quality, innovation, and sustainability, the MPP Group’s comprehensive portfolio of rigid packaging solutions is poised to meet the evolving needs of industries worldwide. From trays to sheet rolls and cups, the group delivers integrated packaging solutions that drive efficiency and success.