Foamed PP cups can successfully replace single-use paper cups or foamed polystyrene solutions that are not being recycled


For years, paper hot drink cups have been perceived as an eco-friendly choice, thanks to their biodegradability. This led to the belief that it inherently poses less harm to the environment. Upon closer examination, MPP Group discovered an unsettling reality that often goes unnoticed. A significant 30% of waste is generated during the manufacturing of paper hot drink cups. This startling statistic undermines the widely held notion of their eco-friendliness. The substantial amount of waste produced during the cup production process raises concerns about the true environmental impact of these seemingly green alternatives.

While paper does decompose over time, the entire lifecycle of a paper cup is more complex than what meets the eye. The process of converting trees into pulp, then producing the cups and adding coatings for insulation, all consume significant resources and energy. These factors, combined with the large amount of waste generated during production, challenge the notion that paper cups are a truly sustainable solution.


A Green Alternative Emerges

MPP Group’s passion for sustainability drove us to initiate an ambitious R&D project. The result is truly revolutionary: disposable cups made of foamed Polypropylene (PP) mono-material. Beyond their green credentials, these cups boast remarkable thermal insulation and high-temperature resistance, ensuring a delightful drinking experience while minimizing waste.

The new cups are not just environmentally friendly; they deliver unrivaled performance. Being 100% recyclable and featuring fillers and natural fibers, they actively contribute to closing the sustainability loop. As an epitome of circular design, they align with MPP Group’s commitment to safeguarding our planet.


A Collaborative Endeavor

True progress is never a solo act. MPP Group embraced the power of collaboration, partnering with the Israel Plastics & Rubber Center and Prof. Amos Ophir. Together, they unlocked the full potential of innovation, proving that collective efforts drive meaningful change. The foaming equipment is currently being installed at MPP’s manufacturing facility, marking the imminent arrival of eco-conscious hot drink cups.

At MPP, the vision of sustainability drives innovation, igniting a chain reaction of positive change. By combining cutting-edge technology, collaboration, and an unyielding commitment to sustainability, we are pioneering a future where even the simplest cup holds the power to make a difference. This milestone sets the stage for a sustainable future, and MPP Group invites all to join them on this transformative journey towards greener packaging solutions.