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We are global developers and manufacturers of responsible packaging for the food industry, solutions that contain the values of food, keeping it fresh, appetizing and nutritional, while extending its shelf-life and reducing waste. We are proud to be servicing leading food companies all around the world for almost five decades, offering both catalog products and tailored solutions designed to address specific customer needs.

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MCP's FogFree PP Packaging Wins WorldStar Sustainable Packaging Award

We at MCP are thrilled to announce our FogFree polypropylene (PP) hot fill packaging has received the prestigious WorldStar Award for sustainable packaging innovation in the food category. As past winners of the Star of Israel competition, we were eligible to enter the FogFree concept into the global WorldStar awards organized annually by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO).

Containing the values of food for over 65 years

Founded in 1974 at Kibbutz Gazit in Israel’s luscious Galilee, the MPP Group which started as a single manufacturing plant catering to the local market, has evolved into a worldwide leader of advanced packaging solutions for the food industry.


As a group that addresses different areas of the food supply chain, we take pride in our ability to quickly adapt to the changing needs of this fast-paced market. Our commitment is to always remain at the forefront of innovation, with solutions that protect the many values of food while being environmentally responsible.

Our brands

We operate four exceptional brands, each a leader in its field. Together, these brands provide a complete and comprehensive answer for any type of food packaging need and requirement. Each of our brands offers off-the-shelf products as well as solutions designed for a specific client and product.

MPP is a worldwide provider of thermoplastic packaging producing high-quality cups, containers, plates, and trays, for dairy, ice-cream, dips & spreadable salads, and other food applications. The company offers an enormous range container size diameter, height and volume) in both clear and colored options, and is unique in its quality of color-printing on containers and labels which results in stunning packaging with outstanding on-shelf presence.

MCP specializes in rigid plastic packaging from sheets to final products, suitable for a wide range of purposes and applications, including deep freezing, refrigeration, heating, and shelf-stable products. The company manufactures three major types of barrier structures: rCPET (Crystallized rPET), APET (Amorphous PET) and PP (Polypropylene), with properties that extend the shelf-life of food products.

MCP’s flagship development is a dual-ovenable rCPET tray containing up to 70-80% recycled CPET material which comes in various colors and shapes, and is extremely popular among worldwide clients.

Polyraz manufactures high quality multi-layer co-extrusion roll stock sheets for a wide range of applications in the fresh food industry. Products include PP (Polypropylene( and PS (Polystyrene) with EVOH which ddeliver oxygen-barrier performance to significantly extends the shelf-life of foods, adding value throughout the supply chain and all the way to the end-consumer

Benda manufactures high-quality disposable tableware: plates, cups and bowls, in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. All products are produced using thermoforming methods and include PS or PP. The company offers both off-the-shelf and customized products, and focuses on addressing client requirements and providing a high standard of customer-care.