MPP Group is promoting sustainability and is launching a new product line of environment conscious PP packaging


With plastic packaging waste accumulating in oceans and landfills, recycling has become crucial for reducing environmental harm. Polypropylene (PP) packaging is widely recycled globally, providing eco-friendly options if properly managed. MPP Group’s new “SustainaPPack” line elevates sustainability through innovative PP packaging solutions.


Promoting Sustainability through Polypropylene

MPP Group’s SustainaPPack products provide recyclable and eco-friendly PP packaging alternatives to materials like polystyrene. The versatility of PP allows lower environmental impact across various applications spanning from food service, consumer goods, and even to industrial applications.


Multiple Recyclable and Eco-Friendly PP Options

The SustainaPPack line features several recyclable PP options with sustainability advantages:


Foamed Mono PP Cups and Trays

The foamed mono PP cups and trays offer recyclable alternatives to paper or foamed polystyrene products. The foaming process uses gas to produce air pockets in the PP, enhancing heat insulation properties with less material.

This results in 10-30% weight reduction versus standard PP, lowering carbon footprint in transportation and production. The mono-material composition allows the cups and trays to be recycled in existing PP recycling streams.


PP from Recycled ISCC Plus Certified Oil

This unique PP is manufactured from decontaminated used cooking oil collected from various sources. The oil undergoes a purification process to create a feedstock for high-quality PP production.

Products made from this post-consumer recycled content have around a 30% lower carbon footprint compared to those using virgin PP. They also reduce footprint by about 45% versus recycled PET (rPET). These solutions are ISCC Plus certified under the mass balance approach.


High Barrier PP for Retort and Microwavable Uses

The high barrier PP film and tray products contain less than 5% ethylene-vinyl alcohol (EVOH) layer to provide oxygen barrier properties. This enables capabilities like retort sterilization which extend shelf life and minimize food spoilage. Despite the extra barrier, the products remain recyclable in standard PP recycling streams. PP trays are suitable for microwave heating to facilitate convenient warm up for ready meals, for example.


Emphasizing MPP Group’s Expanding Commitment to Sustainability

The new SustainaPPack line builds on MPP Group’s experience distributing eco-conscious packaging globally. Our growing focus on sustainable solutions is reflected in the rising demand for responsible packaging options.